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See how a good ventilation for your home can enhance your well been and the lifetime of your roof.

Attic ventilation is important.

Poor ventilation affects the quality of life of the people in your home.

Bad ventilation in the summer.

The accumulation of warm summer air heat the interior of your home and overheats the roof.

Bad ventilation in winter.

Warm, moist air from inside the house escape from the ceiling to the attic. Then, the moist air in contact with the roof cooler, turn into frost.

Good ventilation summer and winter.

Good ventilation allows hot air to come out in summer and humidity in winter.

Poor ventilation in the attic causes a series of problems.

Good attic ventilation helps prevent condensation, mold, rotting in the attic and discomfort in the home.

Ice accumulation

Ice accumulation on the roof

The heat stored in the attic melts the snow that flows down the slope of the roof. When this water reaches the cold part of the roof, above the edge, it freezes and forms a dam of ice.

Window frost

Condensation on the window

Normally, 70% of the heat and humidity of a home is evacuated through the roof. Without good ventilation, moisture builds up in the house and causes condensation on the windows.

Roof old shingles

Fast aging of shingles

In summer, the attic becomes very hot and since the air is not evacuated, the shingle is constantly boiling, which makes it age prematurely.

Attic frost

Frost in the attic

When the hot air and moisture reaches the attic and ventilation is inadequate, the air cools when it comes into contact with the cold roof and frima forms.

Attic mold


Poor ventilation for several years will create moisture on the structure that is constantly exposed to moist air.

Roof heat

Roof too hot

An attic that is too hot in the summer keeps the air conditioner running longer. Enjoy the fresh air of the night to lower the heat of your attic and save on air conditioning.